Dedicated to all victims of the fatal DB rail car fire on 11-6-2002 In Nancy, France
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May their voices be heard, their sacrifice never forgotten
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On November 6, 2002, a  Deutsche Bahn (DB) rail car attached to an SNCF train traveling from Paris to Munich caught fire passing through Nancy, France killing 12 passengers.

Sadly this tragedy was preventable.  An endless list of mistakes including locked exit doors, hidden emergency window hammers, no alarms...etc., defy belief.

Despite these findings, car operator DB can only blame everyone else for their failures, as they disparage  the victims.

To learn the details of this sad, yet true story of a senseless tragedy, and a corporation's shameful response.  (more)

Nancy to Munich
500 km March to Munich

A 500 km march calls on Deutsche Bahn to take responsibility for the 2002 fatal rail car fire which killed 12 passengers en route through Nancy, France.  The march will leave from the Nancy, France rail station at 7.30 hrs on 11/6/11.

DB's refusal to accept responsibility is shameful as the list of unsafe procedures, training and equipment is long, including locked exit doors and hidden emergency window hammers.

This march is open and all are welcome to join, be it for 1 meter or 500 km.  The march is expected to take 14-18 days and will finish at the Munich rail station where DB will be called on to accpet their responsibility. (more) was founded by Rollin Amore to honor the victims (12 killed, 8 survived) of a Deutsche Bahn rail car fire on 11.6.02 en route through Nancy, France.  This site is dedicated to assuring that their voices be always be heard and their sacrifices never be forgotten.  

In Our Minds, In Our Hearts

November 6, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the train fire in Nancy, France on the Paris-Munich train.  On this day, we pray for all the victims of that terrible night.  For those who died, may your souls rest in peace, for those who survived, may the emotional ordeal be resolved.

...never again will a day pass without loving thoughts of you.